OLD Curriculum

I'm baaack!

After almost a decade as a vice-principal, I have chosen to return to teaching and am excited to be collaborating with colleagues to put together teaching and learning resources to share here once again. Please know that these aren't "my resources", but just what I used when teaching these courses. The lessons, activities, photos, etc. are blended from other teachers, e-learning courses, teaching associations, and a variety of websites and books.

Click on a link from the menu at left to explore that course in more detail.

Be aware that the courses listed under "old curriculum" are indeed not tailored to fit the latest Canadian and World Studies curriculum document. Please morph what's under the "old curriculum" header into lessons and activities that meet the new expectations.

If you are an aspiring administrator, I've got quite a collection of resources that may be of interest...and can tell you some stories of what my experience was like! Whether you're happy in the classroom or looking to take on a new challenge, if you think I can be of assistance to you, please let me know.

As my timetable evolves in the coming years, I will continue to post those courses as well.

Craig Marlatt.

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March 20, 2020.