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National Population Policies

  • National Population Policies Handouts
  • Countries
    • Russia
    • China
    • India
    • Mexico
    • France
  • Assignment
    • You will be assigned one of the above countries to research information about its population geography and the country’s population policies. Your task is to a report in which include all the following items:
      • A map describing the population densities in your country - you can find this on the internet (2 marks).
      • A graph comparing the population of your country AND the world from 1950-2050 at ten year intervals.* In a short paragraph, describe the pattern that you see (10 marks).
      • What is the country’s population policy? Describe in a paragraph or two. Make sure to include if the policy takes into account regional differences (10 marks).
      • Describe the country’s concerns with their population (why do they have the population policy that they do?) (3 marks).
      • How well do you think this policy will help to manage the population? What are the positive and negative aspects that you can tell? Clearly indicate your position on the policy- do you support it or not, and give reasons for your answer (5 marks).
      • Provide some feasible alternative solutions for your country (2 marks).
      • BONUS: economic, cultural (and religious) considerations influence a country’s population policies. Give two examples to show this statement is true (at least one economic and one cultural/religious). 2 marks.
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