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Nature of Human Systems

  • Nature of Human Systems Slideshow
  • Nature of Human Systems Handouts
  • Complexity of Transportation Systems
    • Complete the Modes of Transportation organizer, using Geography Now.
    • Complete the Busy Harbours compound bar graph assignment, using the data from Geography Now.
    • Label the main road (400 series highways), rail (main CN, CP, and VIA lines), ship (Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Seaway, Trent-Severn Waterway, and Rideau Canal), and air routes (major international airports) on the attached outline map of Southern Ontario, using the Official Road Map of Ontario (an online version of the Official Road Map of Ontario is available at www.mto.gov.on.ca) and/or other resources. Use different colours for different modes of transportation (one each for road, rail and ship routes), create an appropriate symbol for airports. As with all maps, be sure to add all of the other required map essentials.
    • Complete the attached Transportation & Communication Case Studies organizer.
  • Interconnectedness of Systems at Home
    • Complete the attached Types of Communication organizer analyzing all of the ways humans are connected to one another through different types of communication.
    • Draw an illustrative map of the systems running through, around, and otherwise affecting your home. Clearly label the direction that a particular system is flowing (e.g. water is supplied IN to your home) and clearly label all of the features of your drawing.