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Geography of Canada
Grade 9 Applied

Changing Populations

  • Changing Populations Slideshow
  • Changing Populations Handouts
  • Demographics
    • Complete the attached worksheet on Demographic Vocabulary by matching the words with their definition.
    • Draw a multiple line graph illustrating the natural increase, net migration, and total growth of Canada’s population from 1851 – 2001, using the Canada’s Population Growth worksheet attached.
    • Take notes on the significant “waves” in Canada’s immigration history, using the Canadian Immigration Patterns overhead shown in class.
  • Disasters
    • Take notes on some recent notable disasters from the Natural Disasters and Human Disasters overheads shown in class.
    • Draw a mind map that illustrates the impact a natural or human disaster (in the middle space on the map) has on various human systems (in the inner ring of spaces from the centre of the map) and specific people, industries, and organizations (in the outer ring of spaces from the centre of the map – each related to a human system identified in the inner ring).