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Geography of Canada
Grade 9 Applied

Canada's Global Connections

  • Canada's Global Connections Slideshow
  • Canada's Global Connections Handouts
  • What Do You Know of the World?
    • Complete the What Do You Know of the World? quiz, without the aid of any resources.
  • Famously and Firstly Canadian
    • Take notes on the important Canadian inventions discussed in class and come up with a list of 10 more Canadian inventions.
  • Canadian Contributions
    • Brainstorm how Canada connects with the rest of the world by filling in the Canada's Global Connections worksheet.
    • In Geography Now, read pages 229-235 and answer question 1 on page 230, question 3 on page 232, question 7 on page 234, and question 10 on page 236.
    • Complete the Canadians: Global Citizens worksheet, using the online map produced by Canadian Geographic.