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Geography of Canada
Grade 9 Academic


  • In Making Connections, read Chapter 36 for related material to this lesson.
  • Water Slideshow
  • Water Handouts
  • Water, Water Everywhere…
  • How Much Water Do You Use?
    • Complete the How Much Water Do You Use? activity.
    • Water Use in Durham
    • Read together the Water – An Abundant Resource? handout.
  • Water Facts
    • Complete the Hydrologic Cycle worksheet.
    • Work through together the Drainage Basins of North America handout by drawing on the boundaries and names of the drainage basins as well as the major rivers in each.
    • The Water System
    • Complete the Water Geopardy activity, using Making Connections.
    • In small groups, SILENTLY complete the River Puzzle activity.
  • Water Misuse in Canada
    • Complete the How Water is Being Misused in Canada worksheet.
    • Read together the What is Being Done to Protect Our Water? handout and brainstorm ways that you can protect our water.
    • Read the Selling Canada’s Water handout for homework – highlight key phrases and/or write a one paragraph summary of the article.