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Quality of Life

  • Quality of Life Handouts
  • Improving Quality of Life
    • Identify the roles certain individuals have played as part of their contributions to Improving Quality of Life. Then, choose one of those individuals and write a half-page summary of their lives so far (all but the first two are still living).
    • Brainstorm all the ways YOU can improve someone’s quality of life at home, in the community, across the country, and around the world. Then, look at the list of 101 ways Youth Can Change the World, and highlight all of things that you could easily do.
    • How will new technologies improve the quality of life for Canadians in the future? Write a journal entry that you might make 25 years from now that explains how new inventions (e.g. communications technology or renewable energy technology) has improved our lives (e.g. working conditions, air and water quality, education, and transportation). Be creative with your own examples.