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Land Use Planning

  • In Making Connections, read Chapter 21 for related material to this lesson.
  • Land Use Planning Slideshow
  • Land Use Planning Handouts
  • Types of Land Uses
    • Complete the Types of Urban Land Uses organizer attached using the six main types of land uses (Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Institutional, Transportation, and Open Space).
    • Draw a detailed map of your school community area, illustrating the different land uses.
    • Now that you are familiar with the different types of land uses, complete the Land Use Planning in Action worksheet attached to see how you would do as a land use planner.
  • The Evolution of a City
    • Inventions are always being made that change the way we live our lives. Draw and label the layered diagram shown in class that illustrates how the evolution of our transportation systems has significantly changed the size and shape of our cities over time.
    • Decide how other factors affect the evolution of a city, by completing The Evolution of a City organizer attached.
  • Local Government Affecting Development
    • A member of the planning department from the local government office (or the teacher, if unavailable) will present some basic information about the urban planning process. Answer the questions on The Urban Planning Process attached as you follow along with the discussion. The planner (or the teacher) will use a case study of a local subdivision under construction to illustrate what the local government is trying to achieve through the planning process.
      • Excerpts from the Town of Ajax Official Plan
        • Questions Based on the Excerpts from the Town of Ajax Official Plan
      • Town of Whitby Official Plan Map
      • Zoning By-law Example
      • Olde Winchester Community Features
      • Olde Winchester Subdivision Site Plan
      • Residential Property Survey
      • The "Brooklin Estate" Artist's Concept
      • The "Brooklin Estate" Floor Plan
      • Sample Purchase & Sale Agreement
  • Revitalizing the Local Community
    • Prepare a business plan that documents the stakeholders, costs, and requirements of revitalizing a property in your local downtown area.