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Geography of Canada
Grade 9 Academic


  • In Making Connections, read Chapter 16 for related material to this lesson.
  • Demographics Slideshow
  • Demographics Handouts
  • The Study of Populations
    • Complete the attached worksheet on Demographic Vocabulary by matching the words with their definition.
    • Complete the attached Census Results and Census Analysis worksheets, using the statistical tables attached.
  • Population Density
    • Shade in the most populated areas of Durham Region, Southern Ontario, Canada, and the world on the Population Density Outline Maps attached, using the Population Density Maps overheads shown in class.
    • Complete the Is the World Really Overpopulated? worksheet attached.
    • Optional Assignment: Population Density Analysis (using GIS).
  • Historical Trends in Population Growth
    • Draw a multiple line graph illustrating the natural increase, net migration, and total growth of Canada’s population from 1851 – 2001, using the Canada’s Population Growth worksheet attached.
    • Take notes on the significant “waves” in Canada’s immigration history, using the Canadian Immigration Patterns overhead shown in class.