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Geography of Canada
Grade 9 Academic


  • In Making Connections, read Chapter 18 for related material to this lesson.
  • Culture Slideshow
  • Culture Handouts
  • The Canadian Mosaic
    • Complete the Ethnic Origins of Canadians worksheet attached.
    • Optional Assignment: Discovering Your Family’s Origins – building a family tree.
    • Read the attached article entitled Knowing the Neighbours and answer the questions that follow it. Then, read the attached article entitled Ethnic Enclaves in Toronto and complete the mapping exercise that follows it. Note the distribution of Chinese, Greek, and Italian populations in Toronto on the overheads shown in class.
    • The Ethnic Distribution in Canada is varied from region to region. Use the tables of statistics attached to draw representative pie charts for the top five ethnic groups in each of the regions in Canada. Use a common legend for colours, and add all map essentials.
  • Art Imitating Life (“museum” stations)
    • The Ministry of Canadian Heritage has just appointed your class to fill a new museum of Canadian art that reflects the natural and cultural landscapes of Canada. Your task is to create an exhibit for the new museum.
  • A Multicultural Celebration
    • Canada is comprised of many different cultures all living together in peace and harmony. We are going to celebrate this triumph of multiculturalism with a feast! Each member of the class will research the food and symbols of various cultures that exist in Canada and bring them all in to share with the rest of the class.
    • Discuss the proportions of the Global Village, using the overhead shown in class.